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Welcome to Search Buddy. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds. We are focussed on forming profitable, long term relationships with a small and sustainable number of clients.


What is Digital Marketing?


For those that don’t know much about digital marketing, it is the concept of increasing a brand or businesses presence digitally. This could be on the internet, through social media channels, email, or mobile apps.


Digital Marketing Agencies offer their services to businesses to help to drive traffic to these platforms. The ultimate aim is to achieve their client’s long term goal of gaining more conversions.


That conversion could be in the form of a download, submitting a lead form, or making a purchase for example.


It could even be in the form of driving traffic to a blog, like this one, which may be created with brand loyalty in mind, to start the user on the journey of becoming a loyal customer.


Who Are Search Buddy?


We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Rawdon, Leeds. We were established in 2021.


We entered the digital marketing space, as Search Buddy, with a drive and passion for solving some widely known industry issues around service level and profitability.


Our management have been on the wrong side of these issues with other businesses for many years.


Our why is to create engagement with our client’s digital content.


At Search Buddy we are passionate about seeing local businesses thrive and grow. Servicing Leeds based clientele is our bread and butter. We know and understand the local area and marketplace and believe that being close to our customers allows us to deliver a more cohesive and profitable service. This allows for longer term partnerships and mutual growth.


Our History:


For coming up to 10 years now, our Directors Tom, Ian and Peter, have utilised Digital Marketing Agencies to improve awareness of brand and to increase business sales, profitability and future value.


With backgrounds in banking and finance, as well as marketing, the team understand only too well the importance of return on investment to justify the continued investment in any marketing campaign. This is the truest measure of success.


The team currently run another Leeds based marketing business. Alpha Card is focussed on manufacturing, selling, and distributing specialist printed marketing products, worldwide across pretty much every sector.


This experience has helped to provide a greater understanding of integrated marketing campaigns and the creativity required to deliver some of these very special projects for our clients and their customers.


In 2020 we were approaching the appointment of our 5th Agency in over 8 years of business. We had spent tens of thousands of pounds each year, and consistently ran behind in terms of return on investment. We decided to re-consider our approach.


At this time the pandemic hit and the risk associated with it caused us to re-evaluate external costs. We took the decision to utilise and upskill our own marketing resource to drive our own digital marketing forward. We haven’t looked back since.


Due to the diverse nature of existing client base within the Group, we are also able to cross-sell services to those customers. This allows us to provide a more complete and full service.


Historically we were unable to find an Agency suitable for long term partnership and found repeatedly that the first few months were great, and intent to support us was high. Over time this intent dwindled, as the Agency chased their next customer to cover the attrition seen through poor service levels.


The desire to understand our business and its services always lacked energy and eventually resulted in insufficient leads and sales to cover costs.


That’s why we believe having a small number of good clients is the way forward. Spending less energy on chasing the next customer, and more energy on ensuring a successful partnership with your existing clients means more long term profitability for both parties.


How Are Search Buddy Different?


If you’ve visited our website before, you’ll see the ‘Why Search Buddy’ table on every page of the site.


Check it out on our homepage here


Here are 5 reasons we’re not just another of those Agencies.


Long term partnership:


We take great pleasure in forming long term partnerships with our clients, and love to see them grow and succeed over time.


It is our belief that cohesive partnerships are not formed by over stretching resource and taking on too many clients. We would much rather have a small group of key clients who we can help to develop over a long period of time.


Client-side experience:


With nearly 10 years’ experience of Digital Marketing Agencies, we know where improvements to service could be made. We try our very best to make those improvements, whilst emulating the good parts of our experiences.


We run our own digital marketing for the Alpha Card Group, which operates worldwide, and this has brought us some great success.


More importantly it has allowed us to make and learn from our own mistakes.


Flexible pricing:


We are part of an organisation that offers other marketing services beyond digital. Being part of a multi-functional parent allows competitive, flexible pricing.


If we see a client project that we really believe in, that needs an initial push to get it moving in the right direction, we can help.


This is why we set up the ‘Startup Growth Partnership’ through Start Up Buddy.


Return on investment:


The financial and marketing backgrounds of our management team is a perfect balance. It allows us to understand our clients aims and objectives. This gives us the foundation to provide insightful and meaningful reporting.


Assessing the return on investment of a campaign is essential. If it isn’t meeting your objectives, we’ll have a frank conversation about a change in direction, or halting the campaign completely.


Helping you to understand:


Another commonly voiced concern and one we have historically experienced, is the unnecessary complex jargon associated with digital marketing.


Yes, there are elements of digital marketing that are complex and technical, but in order for you to make the most of our services and for our relationship to develop, we need to be open and clear in our explanations of what we are doing and what we are seeing, so you as a customer can understand what is happening.


What next?


If you like the sound of Search Buddy and if our values resonate with you, feel free to visit the site and register your interest through the contact form.


If you know which service you need, visit Digital Marketing Services and follow the link to the specific page, before completing a quick contact form.


Alternatively, for a no obligation chat, give us a call on 0113 467 5392, or drop us an email at contact@search-buddy.com


If you’re a Leeds based business, we’d be delighted to meet face to face to get an understanding of your requirements.


For regular updates, give us a follow on social!



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Search Buddy Birthday Competition! Blue background with balloons

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