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Our Why

Our why is to create engagement with our clients digital content. 

We achieve this by using our client side experience of agency services, to provide a cohesive and communicative relationship, with the aim of forming long-term partnerships with our clients, and helping them to meet their objectives and required return on investment.


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Search Buddy was formed in Leeds, West Yorkshire in 2021.


We incorporated Search Buddy and entered the digital marketing space to solve some commonly experienced issues within the industry. With many years of client-side experience, and services received from several agencies, we had been unable to form sustainable long-term partnerships, for a variety of reasons, including lack of focus on cohesion, communication and return on investment.


We use this client-side experience as a driver to develop long term partnerships with our customers, as we understand the importance of close, collaborative relationships and the impact this has on the success of our clients, and therefore the success of our Agency.


In the 10 years prior to the creation of Search Buddy, we have developed long-term relationships with our customers through the sale of specialist marketing products and we are well versed in successfully delivering effective marketing campaigns.


Our management team comes with a wealth of experience in both digital and physical marketing, alongside the key analytical skills acquired from careers in finance, banking and accountancy.


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How we're different / Our USP's

We’re focused on developing long term partnerships with a small number of clients, rather than chasing the next customer to cover the attrition associated with poor service delivery.

Being part of a multi-functional parent allows competitive, flexible pricing

Our operational and management team have a background which ties in with understanding cost vs benefit and the level of financial return required to justify investment in marketing.

Having been on the other side of the fence, we understand the importance of learning about our clients business and their service offering. If we don’t think we can help, we won’t waste your time or money

We have a history of great customer service, going above and beyond to meet client expectations

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