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Content Marketing Agency

Tell a story with your brand. Produce engaging and useful content online and gain your readers loyalty, by creating a sense of trust and community. 


We are Search Buddy, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We’re a small team of digital marketing specialists with a combined 20+ years’ experience in digital marketing, physical marketing, and brand building.


Trusted by start-ups, SME’s and international businesses, read on to see how we can help you to elevate your brand online and reach your goals.

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What is Content Marketing?

Digital content marketing involves creating and distributing unique, useful and consistently on-brand content that resonates with your audience, enabling you to build long-lasting and sustainable relationships.


By spending the time with you and learning your business and the sectors in which you operate, our content marketing agency can help you to understand your ideal target audience and ensure that this audience is clearly defined and targeted through your inbound marketing.


Our content marketing agency will help to ensure that your digital content tells a story, is engaging, and enables you to capture the attention of your ideal customer.


Content marketing is a long-term strategy and unlike outbound marketing, should revolve around helping customers; answering their questions, queries and objections, whilst reaching them in a way that feels more trustworthy and organic.


We’ll then use the tools at our disposal to ensure that you understand the impact that your content marketing is having on your goals, whatever they may be.


Benefits Of Content Marketing

Educate Your Audience

support them through the purchase process, answering their common questions


Build your SEO and your organic traffic by creating link worthy content


Create a sense of trust & community

Brand Loyalty

Build relationships and brand loyalty with your audience, driving long term profitability

Trusted by start ups, SME’s and international businesses. Request a proposal to see how we can help you to elevate your brand online and reach your goals.

Content Marketing Services

These are the services our Content Marketing Agency offers


Blogs are a great medium to convey valuable and relevant content, whilst giving you a boost from an SEO perspective.

Use blogs to link, externally to helpful sites and internally to your relevant product or service pages, so that your visitors are finding all of the answers they need off the back of your content.

A helpful, link worthy blog created around a topic of interest, will help you to gain backlinks to your content from other websites or blogs, which will in turn increase your perceived authority with Google – helping you to climb those organic rankings!


Creating engaging content is pivotal in attracting an audience to your content.

Having a combination of visual and text is extremely important in capturing attention and delivering a meaningful message.

Use our creative team to provide videography for your digital content, to ensure that your audience takes action.

Social Media Management

We create unique and engaging social media copy for our clients.

Whether your goal is to increase followers, engagement, or leads through your social media presence, we have the solution for you.

Website Copy

Our content marketing agency can help you to create unique and captivating content.

The right content can firstly keep your ideal audience on your website, interacting across the pages, and pushing them to take the right conversion action.

Secondly, positive interactions that suggests that the users search query is being satisfied, including a low bounce rate and time on page, shows Google that your website is worth a place on page 1 and therefore increases your organic traffic.


Infographics are a visual representation of information or data, that help to present information clearly and concisely, with the added benefit of being more eye catching and striking.

Use our content marketing agency to create valuable and meaningful infographic content.

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Get your opted-in target audience to take action.

By producing compelling and engaging email marketing campaigns, we can assist you to increase brand loyalty and trust, ensuring your target audience takes the action desired.

Why Search Buddy?

Trusted by start ups, SME’s and international businesses. Request a proposal to see how we can help you to elevate your brand online and reach your goals.

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