Explaining The Different Google Ad Campaign Types

When it comes to selecting your campaign type on Google Ads, you may be unsure which option is right for your business. Check out this blog to discover the range of Google Ad campaign types, as we help you navigate through the different options.

What Are the Different Types of Google Ad Campaigns?

Depending upon the nature of your business, different campaign types will be more suitable than others. Google offer five core campaign types; these are as follows:


Search Campaigns

Search ads are the most popular ads, as they appear within Google and Google partner search results. They help in-market users to discover your website and then hopefully take the desired action e.g., submit an enquiry form.


Display Campaigns

Display ads allow you to reach a wide audience from across the internet. They appear on Google Display Network which consists of over 35 million websites and apps. These campaigns have the ability and potential to expose your business to thousands of different and hopefully in-market users.


Video Campaigns

When it comes to video ads the name gives it away. Video ads are shown on YouTube and across the Google Network, to visually attract and engage potential customers. One thing to note, is that you will only be charged if somebody actually chooses to watch the ad. So, if you’re looking to tell a story whilst driving awareness and engagement, video ads could be a brilliant solution.


Shopping Campaigns

Shopping ads appear next to Google Search results. They allow searchers to view your product before even landing on your website. If people do click the ad and land on your website, this would suggest user intent is high. They present your business to a relevant audience, at the right time with the right product – what’s not to like?


App Campaigns

If your business has an app and you’re looking to increase downloads or awareness, this campaign type is ideal. App campaigns are displayed across a range of Google platforms in order to reach a broad audience. These platforms include:


    • Google Search
    • Google Play
    • Google Discovery
    • Google Display Network
    • YouTube


    Typically, the desired outcome of an App Campaign is to generate installs, encourage in-app actions or driving pre-registrations before launching.


    Specialised Google Ad Campaign Types

    Hopefully you’re still with us and have a greater understanding of the different campaign types that Google offer. However, in addition to the campaign types we’ve already listed, there are also three specialised campaign types to consider…


    Local Campaigns

    The aim of local campaigns is to drive physical traffic to specific locations rather than driving online web-based traffic. Local ads require your Google Business profile to be linked, or you can select affiliate locations (shops that sell your product). When somebody searches for your product, your ad will appear, and users will likely select the closest shop. If searching on mobile, they’ll also be able to get directions to the shop, creating a seamless user experience.


    Hotel Campaigns

    As the name suggests, hotel campaigns are specific to the hotel industry. When somebody searches for a hotel, they will be presented with a range of different paid ads. Hotel campaigns use a bidding strategy, allowing you to display your hotel name, images, amenities, and pricing along with a booking link.


    Through using hotel ads, you’re able to bid against competitors when people are specifically searching for this product/service. They capture relevant people, with high intent, in a simple, easy to digest format.


    Discovery Campaigns

    Discovery campaigns allow you to reach a considerable number of users across different Google feeds. You’re able to create rich, relevant, and visually engaging ads to attract potential customers. They not only drive interest and engagement, but also aim to drive action amongst users with higher intent. Depending upon the platform which your ad is being displayed on, the size and format will alter accordingly to suit.


    Final Thoughts…

    We hope this has provided you with a helpful insight to the different Google Ad campaign types. It might be that more than one campaign type is right for your business and objectives. If this is the case, don’t just limit yourself to one type, as you could miss out on vital traffic!


    To learn more about how we can help with your Google Ad campaigns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Contact us on 0113 467 5392 or email contact@search-buddy.com for further information.


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    Search Buddy Birthday Competition! Blue background with balloons

    Search Buddy Birthday Competition!

    Do you fancy winning £2,000 worth of free marketing support? Enter our 2nd birthday competition by 30th June 2023 to be in with a chance of winning!

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