How Your Small Business Can Use Social Media In Ways You May Never Have Thought Of

Whilst the social media marketing sphere is only ever-increasing, how are businesses managing to fight the algorithms, compete against competitors and still create big waves?

It can often be difficult, especially as a small business, to stand out organically on social media. With more than 3.5 billion active social media users and 50 million small businesses using Facebook pages to connect with customers. It’s easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. Whilst the social media marketing sphere is only ever-increasing, how are businesses managing to fight the algorithms, compete against competitors and still create big waves? Being a small business doesn’t mean that you can’t use the same strategies and tactics that larger businesses use, in fact, the beauty of social media is that it doesn’t have to cost small businesses a single penny, which can level the playing field.


  1. Let Your Audience Take Over


Let go of the reigns and inspire your audience to take the lead.


GettyMuseum challenged their audience to recreate their favourite artworks. Of course, everyone couldn’t wait to get involved and the #gettymuseumchallenge quickly went viral.



Sheffield Hallam University seemed to hit a plateau at 2747 followers in 2016, that was until they handed their social media accounts to their students and allowed for UGC within higher education. #SHUInsiders campaign gave students a day in which they could take over their Instagram account, which now has over 26,000 followers.



2. Humour Your Audience with Your Tone of Voice



Tone of voice has the power to make ‘boring’ businesses exciting. If you were asked to create the social media strategy for a pastry shop, humour in your tone of voice might not have been your first thought, however, it has worked fantastically for Greggs.



Humour has also helped Paddy Power stand out against the more serious tone of voice shown by competitors. Daring to make your audience laugh with your tone of voice can be a great way to keep them engaged.


3. Hunt Down Your Audience



Never underestimate the power of “social stalking” your audience. It has never been easier to build up an accurate representation of your target audience than it is in todays world, where almost everything you need to know about your target audience is online for everyone to see. Finding out who else your audience are following, what type of content they like and what groups they’re part of can help small businesses to make content that’s valuable to their audience.


4. Live Stream Marketing



Dunkin Donuts delighted their audience on Valentine’s Day with a live stream of them preparing a cake made from heart shaped donuts, whilst offering engaged couples the chance to win a large cash prize for sharing their proposal stories. Special holiday occasions are a great conversation starter to start you off on your live stream journey.



3D printing Nerd’s live unboxing video’s attracts tens of thousands of views every single week. The simple concept of unboxing your products and taking your audience through your product journey can turn your live streamers into your biggest fans.


5. Combine Your Social Media With Other Channels


A common misconception is assuming that your social media marketing campaign must stay on the screen! Combining several media channels will only make your campaign stronger. Loreal Paris is a great example of leading instore customers online through the power of QR codes. Their virtual makeup try on campaign delighted their customers by allowing them to virtually research their product before purchasing.



Our friends over at Alpha Card have compiled the perfect list of QR code generators to get you started on your QR code campaign journey. You can view their suggestions here:


A lot of small brands measure social media success based on their own growth and not on the value they bring to customers. If the focus is not on engaging, delighting, surprising or entertaining, then your audience aren’t going to move past the 0.05 seconds it takes for them to form their opinion of you online. It’s your reactivity and authenticity online that can accelerate your online journey, always stay 10 steps ahead of the game by planning out your campaign’s months in advance, whilst still leaving room for lots of fun and spontaneity.


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