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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR (public relations) is a service performed by Digital PR Agencies to build authoritative links, increase SEO and to develop brand awareness, ultimately with the aim of increasing online presence and traffic, and portraying your business in a good light.


Digital PR creates two angles; firstly better organic rankings, as achieving ‘backlinks’ from other websites, particularly those with high domain authority, suggests to Google that your content is unique and useful. Secondly, warm referrals. If the content that is linking to your website is relevant to your business, and engaging, and attracts the right readership, this can help to generate valuable traffic to your website.

Methods of Digital PR

Here are some types of Digital PR that our Digital PR Agency can help with:

  • Creative content writing, including blogs. Make sure that the content is on trend
  • Interesting and informative Company news and updates.
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Offline press events which help to drive traffic online
  • PR or Journalist requests through social media or specific websites
  • Influencer marketing and gaining mentions on social media

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The Process of Digital PR

The Idea:

Coming up with a creative and newsworthy idea is the starting point of any Digital PR campaign.

Do some research on topics that are trending, or that receive sufficient engagement and traffic to ensure that there is an audience out there that is willing to listen.

The content and your spin on the content that you want your target to promote, must be interesting enough to take the time and space of the publication or blog. There has to be something in it for those that you reach out to for their audience.

Strategy for Approach:

Have a think about who you will be reaching out to with your content. Which publications, sites or bloggers could cover your story and what benefits would you see if they were to publish your story.

Write The Content:

Write the piece.

Make sure that the content is unique and engaging and helps you to be appear as a thought leader and that you are in a position of knowledge and authority in the area that you are writing about.

Would the content make your ideal customer want to take action, or does it help them along the customer lifecycle journey? If not, start again.

Check out the tone of the target’s other articles. Is it consistent with what you are writing? Is it something that they could include within their content?


Reach out to relevant and authoritative targets. Ask them if they would mind using your article. Make sure that the content is tailored to each individually target and that they are not receiving generic notification. Be personal.

Follow Up:

If you receive no reply, as let’s face it, journalists and bloggers are busy people, politely follow up on your original request to show that you are serious about partnering with them and that you have not forgotten about them.

The Benefits of Digital PR:

  • SEO – Authoritative backlinks can increase your organic ranking and your visibility in search engines. Keyword rich anchor text in particular can be a great win for SEO.
  • Brand awareness. Being talked about in relevant spaces increases the visibility of your brand.
  • More relevant traffic for your site. Direct conversions are the goal of Digital PR, but may become a useful bi-product of your outreach.
  • Increase in social media presence and following.

Why Search Buddy?

Digital PR and SEO:

Digital PR does help your website from an SEO perspective.


Backlinks are known to be a key contributor to organic ranking, especially high authority backlinks.


When Google and other search engines crawl the web and sees your Company being talked about and earning links to your website, it sees you as a worthy candidate to satisfy search engine queries, and therefore pushes you higher up the rankings so that the user can find you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital PR (public relations) is a service performed by Digital PR Agencies to build authoritative links, increase SEO and to develop brand awareness, ultimately with the aim of increasing online presence and traffic, and portraying your business in a good light.

Digital PR can help your business in many ways, including increasing your online presence on search engines such as Google. Other benefits include making your ideal audience more aware of your brand and the services you perform.

Yes, if you have the time.


There are however major benefits to using a Digital PR Agency, including having a ready made list of industry contacts, making it easier to get your content published in the right places.

Digital PR is a longer term approach, but will, if targeted at the right areas, increase the level of relevant traffic to your website.


The difference between Digital PR and say Google Ads, would be that with Google Ads, the searcher has intent and may be ready to buy your product or services there and then, whereas with Digital PR, the searcher may be at the beginning of their purchase cycle and therefore may take longer to convert.


If your content is reaching the right people in the right places, then you are more likely to develop trust and a longer-term relationship is more likely to follow.

Any size business looking to increase their online presence can benefit from Digital PR.

There is no set timescale around how regularly you should release content to the public, however, as with anything in digital marketing, the more consistently and regularly you approach something, the quicker you will see the benefits.

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