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Why Use Website Content Writing Services?

By using Agencies like Search Buddy for your website content writing, you can experience many benefits.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process that makes your website appear in Google for the keyword searches that you wish to rank for.


Experienced content marketing agencies will write website copy that is optimised for SEO. This includes on page factors such as keyword density, meta data optimisation and readability.

User Experience

Readability is not only critical for SEO but is also key for user experience.


If you want your user to take the desired action on your website, you need to cater for them with compelling, unique, informative, and easy to read content. That’s where an Agency with website content writing experience comes in.


 As Search Engines continue to be saturated with vast amounts of content every day, it becomes more challenging to rank your website organically through SEO; large volumes of content may be required to give yourself a chance.


Imagine having to write over 2,000 words for 4 different services you offer and how much time that would take away from running your business. 

Keyword & Competitor Research

Our website copy writing services extend to researching the industry, to gain a thorough understanding of keywords, search volumes and competitor activity.


Without this research, it is very difficult to know how much content and how much optimisation is required to be able to compete with the companies around you.

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The Process Of Website Content Writing

  1. We will arrange a consultation to understand your business and its goals
  2. Using the information gathered from the consultation, we will perform keyword research to establish relevant commercial terms and the associated monthly search volumes.
  3. As above, for the relevant keywords, we will perform competitor and industry research. Here we begin to understand how much you need to do to compete with what is already succeeding.
  4. Next we write the draft content for approval.
  5. Once approved, we optimise. Here we will cover areas such as page titles, meta descriptions, general content and other on page factors.
  6. Finally, before sending the finished article for approval, we assess readability using the tools at our disposal.
  7. You review and we revise if necessary. There are unlimited revisions with our content writing services. 
  8. If we have access to the backend of your website, we upload the copy and this includes associated imagery. We will then update the meta data. If we have no access, we provide all the content and imagery to you, and advise on the meta data.

Website Copywriting Services

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