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Key Facts About Email Marketing

Increased Engagement

78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement since the COVID pandemic began.


4 Billion Daily Users

There are 4 billion daily email users. By 2025 this number is expected to be close to 4.6 billion.

Popular Approach

81% of marketers say their most used form of content marketing is email marketing and newsletters.

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What are the benefits of having an email marketing strategy?

When planned and executed efficiently, email marketing campaigns can be an incredibly cost-effective way of building relationships and trust with your target audience.


What is email marketing, you might ask? There are some good examples of types of email marketing, including welcome emails, re-marketing emails, and transactional emails, thanking the customer for their purchase or enquiry.


Essentially, a website visitor may subscribe or opt-in to receive your information when browsing your site or enquiring about your products or services. Once they’ve done this, it’s your job to hold their interest, keep them on the hook, and move them through your sales cycle.


You will need a properly planned and executed email marketing strategy to build a relationship with the reader, which will include regular and value-adding updates from your business.


Email marketing campaigns are often part of a long-term content marketing strategy. They are cheap to execute and can be done through free platforms like Mailchimp.


Subscribers can easily be split down by demographic and industry, so e-shots can be very precisely targeted.


It’s also incredibly easy to measure the success of an email campaign, through metrics such as open rate, website visits, conversions, and un-subscribes.


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Email generates £30 for every £1 spent, which is an incredible 3,000% ROI, making it one of the most profitable options available.

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Across all industries, the average email open rate is 19.8%, the click-through rate is 11.3%.

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More than 80% of people will open a welcome email. This generates on average 10x as many clicks as other email types


Periodic newsletters can be a great way of keeping your opted in audience up to date with the happenings in your Company. Whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, newsletters are less pushy than conventional outbound approaches, and can help to build trust with your audience, whilst ensuring that your brand is never far from their mind.

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