Case Study – Roll Right Doordrop

Case Study - Roll Right Doordrop

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Black Single Roller Garage Door 2

Print Marketing Doordrop for Roll Right


Book more surveys

80% of surveys booked result in a purchase of a roller garage door. Getting surveys booked was the primary objective of this campaign.

Increase awareness

Increase awareness of brand in local area. Even if people aren't ready to buy, they'll keep the marketing piece and refer to it in the future when they're ready.

Unique approach

Roll Right wanted to do something different. They operate in a highly competitive market, so using product that hasn't been used before was key.

Cross media

QR codes were placed on this campaign. Using retainable and engaging print marketing to drive traffic to websites is often effective.

Our involvement: The process

Working alongside our brilliant sister company Alpha Card, we made this project come to life for Roll Right, helping them achieve their objective of booking more surveys for their electric roller garage doors.


Here’s what we did: 


  1. Our Design Team created the product, incorporating both written and visual content ensuring that the user was best placed to engage with their message. 
  2. We also created the personalised landing pages, ensuring that when the recipients got their hands on their doordrop and scanned the QR code, they would arrive on a localised landing page giving them clear next steps and compelling call to actions. 
  3. Alpha Card manufactured specialist printed marketing materials and coordinated Royal Mail Guaranteed Doordrop.
  4. Once the Doordrop was ready to go, we created and scheduled Facebook Ads & Google Ads retargeting the specific postcodes


The format of the product used for this doordrop was a Pocket 6×3, with covers sized at 108x78mm and inners at 420x297mm (a3), there was plenty of space to explain about the business, their product offering, USP’s and more.


As you can see from the video above, the product is much more compact, engaging and retainable than the conventional a5 flyer commonly used for Doordrops, which as a result portrayed Roll Right as a forward thinking Company that cares about its brand and the quality of its marketing material.


The product was ready for doordrop within 5 working days of final signed off proof and was despatched to one of Royal Mail’s facilities in Warrington. 


Within a few weeks, the product was finding its way into over 20,000 letterboxes in the Pocklington region via guaranteed Royal Mail service, which costs £70 per 1,000 letterboxes.


The outcome:

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