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Search Engine Optimisation For Olive Massage

20% Growth in backlinks

3 months into this partnership we have delivered a 5% increase in backlinks, a 20% increase in referring domains, and a 10% increase in authority score.

Improved rankings

Improving positions in Wakefield at Olive's HQ was a key goal. Optimised meta data, fresh content and backlink anchor text has helped us to achieve this goal.

Visibility of Leeds Terms

Through a combination of optimised on-page content and off-page outreach we have helped Olive to rank new pages for their new Leeds branch.

Olive Massage Wakefield & Leeds: Olive Massage are a team of fully qualified sports & holistic massage therapists. The team is led by Lucy Cook who opened her first message therapy room in the heart of Wakefield city centre 12 years ago and has since expanded her services after the announcement of a second clinic in Colton, East Leeds.


Lucy’s interest in massage began after she suffered chronic neck and shoulder pain after a whiplash industry which caused her to experience daily tension headaches. After just three deep tissue massage sessions her pain began to ease almost immediately. After the success of her treatments, this sent lucy on her own mission to pursue a career as a massage therapist.


Lucy’s dedication and passion for massage therapy led to her success as a therapist within Wakefield and now after helping many clients she’s branched out into Olive Massage Leeds.


This change in location meant that Lucy needed to refresh her website and rethink her SEO strategy to raise her brand awareness within Leeds. This is when Lucy decided to approach us here at Search Buddy.


As Search Buddy’s focus is on supporting local businesses with our Start Up Buddy initiative. It was an obvious choice for Lucy to choose a marketing agency with a focus on local digital marketing and flexible support.


It was our mission to improve Lucy’s local search results for not just Wakefield but most importantly Leeds.


Many on-page changes were made to Lucy’s website to include her new Leeds search term. This includes any fresh content produced for her website such as blogs and service pages. Keywords are important for SEO as they enable search engines to understand a website and its content. To help increase Lucy’s ability to rank for key local search terms, it was important to put a strategy in place to ensure that content is now created to include Leeds.


It’s not just keywords that impact Lucy’s ability to rank for her money keywords, such as ‘Sports Massage Wakefield’, but also her page loading times and the website’s overall user experience.


This meant we had to go on the hunt for Lucy’s technical SEO errors such as 404 errors, duplicate content, missing H1’s, missing meta descriptions and alt-tags. From heading’s that were too long to missing sitemaps, it was vital to ensure that Lucy’s website was running at full capacity. Strong SEO can’t exist without a healthy technical SEO site score.


At Search Buddy we delve deep into our clients’ websites to ensure that every ranking factor is as optimised as it possibly can be. On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO are all equally important ranking factors, and we ensure that our clients content marketing strategy aligns to their specific SEO needs.


We have thoroughly enjoyed making changes to Lucy’s website and putting together Olive Massage’s Local SEO strategy and we can’t wait to present our results after our first few months of working together.


As the website has been up and running for 10+ years Olive Massage has brand, competitor, service, and industry keywords that it likes to rank for already. Search Buddy has already managed to improve the ranking for her keywords, even after the first month.


To ensure we hit their targets for improved technical SEO, organic and service keyword optimisation. We decided to split this SEO audit into organic metric research, backlink growth and technical optimisations.


In the report we’ve not only collected the data that was available using industry SEO tools, but we’ve also suggested our own improvements that we can make for Olive Massage. Such as putting together a link building strategy and blogs that can be created to improve ranking for their money keywords.


As this is the start of a long partnership and our focus is on providing our clients with results. We have involved Olive Massage with every step of the process and ensured regular updates throughout.


If you’re also looking to develop your local SEO strategy, feel free to contact us

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