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Google Ads With Media de Poche: Return on Ad Spend of 16:1

The Client

Media de Poche are a print marketing specialist based in Paris, France.


With expertise in the manufacture and distribution of Z-Cards and Infinity Cards, Media de Poche service all sectors, from government and education to product marketing, throughout all French speaking territories, such as France itself, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


Media de Poche’s pocket media can be produced at a range of sizes, and for quantities of varying requirements, ranging from 50 units to 5 million units.

Ventoux Z-Card Media de Poche

The Project

Media de Poche as a brand are relatively new to the French market and were looking to use the power of Google Ads to raise awareness of their brand by bidding on product specific searches as well as competitor searches.


The aim was to interrupt the flow of traffic to their more established competitors.


As Media de Poche’s product is of greater quality and a more competitive price, getting relevant traffic to the website would certainly help them to get leads and sales quickly.

The Outcome

In the 9 months the campaign has been running, we have optimised and delivered a ROAS (return on ad spend) of 16:1/ €16 revenue per €1 spent.


Other KPI’s included the following:

  • 8% reduction in cost per visit
  • 95% improvement in cost per lead


Not bad considering we’re in the middle of a global pandemic!

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