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Search Engine Optimisation For Alpha Card


Ranking number 1 for core products

In a short space time looking after the SEO for Alpha Card, we managed to get the company up to the top spot of Google for a key product term. This was achieved through on page optimisation, further content creation and backlink acquisition to increase page authority.

Improved rankings for terms never ranked for before

Alpha Card manufacture a product called a Z-Card, which is a trademarked term, as it is the name of their #1 competitor. This makes it very difficult to rank organically for this term, something that was never achieved by past Agencies. As of today, we have ranked Alpha Card top 5 for this term


20% increase in organic traffic

There has been a marked increase in organic traffic since we took over the Alpha Card account. 


This was made possible by the hugely improved rankings of core products, as well as ranking for longer tail keywords achieved by content creation via blogs for example.

Alpha Card Compact Media: Alpha Card Compact Media are the parent Company of Search Buddy Limited and they manufacture and distribute specialist print marketing materials such as Z-Fold Cards and Infinity Cards across the UK, Europe and Rest of the World.


In their 8+ years of existence, Alpha struggled to find a Marketing Agency that would take the time to learn about their business, products, goals and ambitions, and after using a handful of Agencies, turned to us at Search Buddy for help with their digital marketing, including SEO support, and Google Ads support, to name but a few.


In the first months of looking after their SEO, we have managed to achieve a number of landmarks, including their first number 1 ranking for a non-brand term – ‘Infinity Card’. 


This was achieved through the optimisation of the specific service page, ensuring that the focus keyword was included throughout the page, in all of the places that it should be, for example page title, meta description and H1. 


Next came additional content creation through the means of blogs. This allowed Alpha the opportunity to rank for longer tail keywords, as well as giving us the opportunity to spread the ‘link juice’ by internally linking the blogs to eachother, and to the core service page.


Next came the off-page optimisation. After performing the competitor analysis, it was clear that the pages ranking above Alpha were ranking due to off-page factors rather than on page factors or technical factors. 


We were able to increase the page authority via outreach to online publications and guest blogs, which provided links to the service page, in some cases with keyword rich anchor text.


Finally, technical. We ensured there were no 404 errors (broken links) throughout the site, improved the site speed and mobile performance. 


We followed the same template to rank for their competitors brand name (which is trademarked) – a feat that no other Agency had been able to achieve for the business.


As a result of the above, and many other optimisations, Alpha Card are on track for a 20% increase in organic traffic so far. No small achievement for a business that sells a niche product in a difficult market.


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